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As an alternative to arbitration, the Association has available mediation.  Mediation is a dispute resolution process whereby a mediator works with you and the other parties to facilitate a mutually acceptable resolution of your dispute.  In comparison to arbitration, mediation is usually less adversarial and less formal and the parties are more directly involved in the decision making process to resolve their dispute.  As a general policy, the Association promotes mediation and strongly encourages you to consider using mediation. 

While the Association promotes mediation, please be advised of the following.  If you are the complainant in the dispute, you still need to file an arbitration complaint with the Association to preserve your right to arbitration.  Also, mediation is a voluntary process and a mediation conference can only be scheduled for those parties that agree to mediation.  If any party to your dispute does not agree to mediation, arbitration will be necessary to resolve the dispute as it pertains to you and those parties.  Finally, if you are unable to reach a mutually acceptable resolution of the dispute through mediation, an arbitration hearing will have to be scheduled. To request a mediation complete the Request for Mediation Form.

The mediation request from should be forwarded to:
      Citrus Valley Association of REALTORS®
      Attention: Vicky Kammeraad - Professional Standards Administrator
      504 E. Route 66
      Glendora, CA 91740