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What is Broker Compliance?

The California Association of REALTORS® holds local REALTOR® associations responsible for ensuring broker compliance with the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) Variable Dues Formula. The formula was crafted to ensure fairness by basing member dues on the number of individuals licensed with REALTOR® principals in the California Department of Real Estate (known as Designated REALTORS®, or DRs).

Every  licensee in a firm benefits from the Primary Brokers (DR’s) membership in the Association, and the Primary Brokers (DR’s) dues payment should reflect all licensees in the firm—even those who are not REALTORS®.  In simple terms this means that the agent who remains under a REALTOR® Broker record in the CalDRE must join as the Broker joins or be subject to an assessment in the amount of $419.00 per licensee.  These licensees’ are referred to as Non Member Salespersons. Below are the steps to resolving these agents and becoming compliant with the State, National and Local Association of REALTORS®.

Please select from one of the following options:

1)    Remove the Non Member Sales Person from your DRE record if they will no longer be employed with your office. Form re214

2)    Or the Agent may Join the Association:  The Agent must complete a new member Application or Reinstatement form and join the Association as the Broker has joined. They also have the option of joining another REALTOR® Association in the State of California where the Broker is a member.

3)    Or if the Non Member Sales Persons are Referral only, licensees affiliated with a separate entity owned by the Designated REALTOR®, which is exclusively engaged in soliciting and/or referring clients and customers to the REALTOR® for consideration on a substantially exclusive basis, are excluded from the dues obligation of the Designated REALTOR®. Please complete the Limited Function Referral Form (LFRO) and return to the Association by emailing or by fax to 909-305-2833. You will need to adhere to the requirements of the DRE with regard to Referral agents. Please visit their website at

4)    Or if the Non Member Sales Persons are Mortgage Loan Originators, licensees affiliated with the Designated REALTOR®, who are engaged in Mortgage Loan Origination and have an NMLS number recorded with the Department of Real Estate and are not engaged in real estate licensed activities except those for which an MLO is required; and are not participants or subscribers in any Multiple Listing Service (MLS)  are excluded from the dues obligation of the Designated REALTOR®. Please complete the attached Mortgage Loan Originator Form and return to the Association by emailing or by fax to 909-305-2833. The agent must have an NMLS # on file with the DRE to qualify.

5)   You may pay the Assessment on behalf of your agent, or the agent may choose to pay the Assessment, however; this will not make this agent a member of the Local, State or National Association and this fee will be payable each calendar year. Should the agent decide to become a member, the fees to join the National, State and Local Association will be due and payable at the time of joining even if the assessment has already been paid.

For additional questions, please review the dues FAQ or contact the Membership Department by emailing or by calling 909-305-2827.

Licensee Certification Form
Limited Function Referral Office (LFRO) Certification Form
Mortgage Loan Originator (MLO) Certification Form